Mechanism charcoal making machine

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Mechanism charcoal making machine
1.Mechanism charcoal stick
Machine-made charcoal stick is a commodity, it is a kind of high quality raw material, can be used to replace wood and coal, calorific value is equivalent to or greater than the same quality of high quality coal, biomass boiler is a special fuel。After drying the raw material without adding any binder, after the great machine high temperature and high pressure pressing structure, cross section is square or round long strip sticks with ribs.The weight of the raw material per cubic meter is about 130 kg, and the volume is reduced to about 1/10 of the original volume, and the weight of each cubic rod is 1200-1400 kg

2.Mechanism charcoal:The stick was carbonized to make the charcoal。The traditional carbide refers to wood, bamboo or other biological materials in isolation or restriction of air (oxygen) under the condition of heating in 400-600c degrees, get gas (wood gas), liquid (liquid, solid wood tar and charcoal) technology.The technology to produce carbon as the main purpose of the system is called carbon, with gas or liquid recycling as the key technology called distillation. Mechanism of charcoal production to produce carbon based, and can get a small amount of tar, tar as raw materials and different carbonization method for charcoal production 3-8%.If the use of wood carbonization, 250 degrees of white smoke began to produce (if the wood gas cooling, wood vinegar can be separated and obtained from colorless gas in yellow brown), to about 500 degrees until the black sticky tar is the distillate, and charcoal.

3.Type of charcoal:
Low temperature carbon: low temperature carbon burning temperature is generally below 500 degrees, carbonization time is short, the texture is loose, low carbon content, fragile, easy ignition, mainly civilian, market price 2000-2400 yuan.
Medium temperature carbon: medium temperature carbon texture close, burning temperature in 600-700 degrees, carbon content is generally more than 80%, the combustion time is generally more than 200 minutes, ash, volatile are less, the market price of 2400-2800 yuan
High temperature carbon: carbon is high temperature calcined charcoal, its hard texture, high carbon content, burn resistant, metallic percussion sound, feel heavy, cross section of outer ring, inner hole of the metal like bright circle. High temperature carbon combustion flames, but the heat radiation is very strong, the market price of 2700-3500 yuan.
White carbon: white carbon steel carbon steel sintering temperature can reach 1300 degrees, pure carbon, carbon rough fingers with hands folded, the surface oxide layer of white ash, a section of metal like luster, feel heavy.




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