Charcoal charcoal can be used to raw materials have what

Charcoal charring a variety of wood materials for processing to achieve the ideal carbonization effect, the finished product can be used as the ideal fuel for people. So for a variety of raw materials, there is no specific requirement yet. First charcoal machine carbonization of many types of raw materials, fuelwood, forest harvesting tree residues, wood removed during the removal of wood, wood processing plant residues, such as sawdust and so on can be re-carbonized after primary processing. Because the sawdust is granular, carbonization furnace requires special carbonization, the other more than the main raw material for wood, are directly charcoal charring.
  At present, the main species used for carbonization of raw materials can be divided into three categories: the first category is hard hardwood, such as Fagus, bitter, oak, elm, etc .; the second category for the soft hardwood, such as willow, poplar, linden ; The third category is softwood, such as Masson pine, Pinus elliotis pine and so on. Different raw materials processed finished products are different, for example, we want to use charcoal machine to produce high-quality charcoal to meet the metallurgical industry and carbon disulfide industry and other industrial sectors, we should use hardwood hardwood material selection, and the use of softwood Commonly used to produce pine charcoal is suitable for the manufacture of activated carbon.
  Charcoal wood work best choice for the size of the material, the general requirement is that the diameter is less than 10 cm, if the diameter is too large, the raw material should be split, split length requirements of not more than 12 cm. Charcoal charcoal material length is determined according to the height of the charring furnace or charcoal kiln, if some of the large timber is not split, due to the poor thermal conductivity of wood, carbonization will produce a gas mixture from the wood interior to the outside, the need to pass The path is relatively long, charring time is also long. This led to a significant reduction in mechanical strength of wood.
  Most of the time we for the carbonization of fuelwood mostly sprout forest, so generally choose to harvest in the autumn and winter, because the trees at this time in dormancy stage, the flow of liquid stop, the root storage of materials, timber will not be damaged, conducive to the bud of the new year However, in autumn, the weather is sunny and the relative humidity is relatively small, and the water content of wood is relatively low. The fuelwood under the cutting is easy to dry, which can shorten the carbonization time and reduce the fuel consumption, and produce less charcoal cracks and high quality.
  Of course, we should pay attention to the decaying wood and the dead wood. As a carbonization raw material, it can not be used as the carbonized raw material because the charcoal is loose, fragile and easy to spontaneous combustion, which directly reduces the charcoal quality.

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