What are the daily maintenance of coal-stick machine parts

Want to improve the production efficiency of coal-stick machine, and its routine maintenance work is indispensable, and only the constant maintenance, to play its efficiency
    For example: coal spreader, reducer lubricating oil, the residual debris within the body clean-up, the heat of the coal rod machine cylinder, mold the degree of wear, see the following details:
1, each lubrication point lubrication and oil level inspection at least once every 4 hours.
2, coal rod machine running, the main bearing lubricant temperature does not exceed 55 ℃.
3, smooth operation, no strong vibration.
4, the motor current should be no abnormal fluctuations.
5, the connection fasteners without loosening, the joint surface without oil, no drain tax, no leakage phenomenon.
6, Impeller wear 70% or a long crack should be replaced.
7, the main bearing wear should be replaced.
8, out of material spiral wear and tear should be promptly repaired, wear and tear can not be repaired should be replaced.
9, anchor bolts loose or damaged should be promptly repaired.
10, all the lubricating oil put into continuous operation in the coal-stick machine for a month should be fully released, thoroughly cleaned, replace the new oil. After the combination of repair about once every 6 months oil change.

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