Mechanism of charcoal and charcoal five key questions and answers

Investment mechanism Charcoal industry is a very space for development of the industry, but a lot of industry knowledge investors do not understand, Hongrun charcoal machinery here to answer your questions:
Mechanism of charcoal and ordinary charcoal difference?
A: All indicators of mechanism charcoal are higher than ordinary charcoal burning time up to 3 times higher than ordinary charcoal.
How much is the cost of producing charcoal?
A: Due to the different production conditions and the price of raw materials, the cost is not the same, about RMB1,000 per ton.
How much raw material can produce a ton of carbon?
A: The water content of 30-40% of raw materials required 3.5-4 tons to produce a ton of finished product mechanism charcoal.
Now the market mechanism of charcoal market how?
A: The ex-factory price of charcoal in the region is about 1800 yuan / ton, the higher the price goes to the south.
Also need those auxiliary equipment?
A: A welding machine, a grinder, you can put into production and operation.
Charm affect screw out of the stick a few data:
A: Spiral length
B: Spiral pitch
C: Shaft root diameter
D: Shaft diameter
E: First spiral diameter
F: Second thread diameter
G: Third spiral diameter
Affect the screw rod out of several angles:
A: Helix angle
B: Spiral extrusion angle
C: spiral taper

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