Carbonization furnace can direct carbonization of logs

Some customers consult me when the charcoal furnace logs, because they do not know the working principle of the charcoal furnace, do not know if this charring furnace can be used directly carbonized hardwood. Here I can clearly tell you that the selection of carbonization furnace can be based on the individual needs of customers, charred rod system processed sticks, but also direct carbonized logs, which is what we call the original wood.
     Since the use of indigenous kiln charcoal burning pollution has not been used, and the process of charcoal wood charcoal logs environmentally friendly smokeless, simple production, only need to purchase a set of charcoal stove can be made of charcoal, carbonized according to the size of charring furnace size Length can not be greater than 40 cm, the best diameter of the log can be maintained below 10 cm, the furnace temperature up to 450 ° above, regardless of hard wood can be carbonized through.

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