Rod machine what problems need to be overhauled

What problems need to make overhaul it? This issue is a lot of charcoal machine industry investor relations issues? Rod machine is the most important equipment in charcoal equipment, is the production of semi-finished products mechanism charcoal. If there is a problem with the equipment, it will not be able to produce it. If it can not produce it, it will not bring good benefits to the enterprise. What problems need to be overhauled? Hongrun Machinery Factory to tell you about it.
1. In the process of making stick machine, the case of smoke, how to carry out maintenance it? Encounter this situation, it is necessary to view the light machine to see if the raw material is too much humidity, humidity is too high, it is necessary to make the raw material humidity reached 8% to 12% can, if it is not a humidity problem, it is necessary Look at the end of the recommender for wear, wear the case of end, there will be smoke, propeller wear, it is necessary to repair.
2. In the system of stick making process, there is no bar formed rod. Appear not forming the problem, it is necessary to check the heating system of the rod making machine, check the heating circle is not able to heat, can not be heated, it is necessary to exchange the heating ring and then work.
3. Production is down when the situation occurs, how to carry out maintenance, this will have to see if there is a problem with the circuit, if the circuit has problems, timely maintenance.
The above is our factory for everyone to introduce the rod system problems overhaul. If you still do not understand anything, I welcome the plant's advice.

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