Application of mechanism charcoal machine carbonization furnace

Application of mechanism charcoal machine carbonization furnace
Charcoal smokeless environmental mechanism carbonization furnace Hongrun newly developed equipped with advanced filters, can be rapidly decomposed in the smoke and tar water, achieve smokeless, environmental effect, the equipment has been the national science and technology award.Mechanism charcoal machine has the functions of a dual-purpose machine, the material can also direct carbonization of saving, time saving, wood carbonization equipment and carbon powder production line called continuous carbonization furnace, the equipment and the gasification furnace, gas can also use production recovery.
Mechanism charcoal furnace carbonization furnace use: 1, the equipment just started heating, the need for heat source heating carbonization furnace。The other is to adopt the sawdust gasification furnace, through gasification furnace ignited combustible gas gasification furnace by combustion carbonization furnace, heating to achieve purpose.
(the sawdust gasification by carbon output equipment of the carbonization furnace carbonization had become toner, in addition to the combustible gas recovery by wood tar recovery device). 2, carbonization furnace heated to a certain temperature, the combustible gas which generated by the dust separator for separating dust, combustible dust separated by wood tar recovery device recycling wood tar (general per ton of carbon can be obtained from the wood of 200kg-30kg).3, to be produced after carbonization furnace heating gas, heating furnace or gasification furnace gas producing device at this time to stop working, preliminary heating equipment to finish work. 4, about carbonization furnace working 2-3 hours (time temperature) after the toner from the furnace into the condenser and the condenser out equipment normal production, continuous feeding uninterrupted. Therefore, the carbonization furnace called continuous carbonization furnace.

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